Friday, 31 October 2014

Clixsense in urdu
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

how to earn money online


    Assallam Allaikum Dosto!

                   dosto jaisa k app sab jante hain internet se kamana ab sab ka sapna hai par bhut sari frauds ki wajh se kisi ko kisi pe b yaqeen ni aata k waqae log internet se b paisa kama sakte hain han yeh ek haqiqat hai k app internet se kama sakte hai par kese wohi to main app ko batane ja raha ho,
internet se kamane k bhut sare raste hain ap pochen ge k kese to main batata chalon k internet pe app google k zariye b kama sakte hain app freelancer site's se b earn kar sakte hain lakin internet pe earning ka sab se popular rasta google ki adsense service jo mere or app jaise naye user's is se earn nahi kar sakte par ek rasta hai jis se ap b online paisy kama sakty hain ab ap pocho ge k kese to bhai wo aise k paid to click sitesk zariye hum or app ruppiya kama sakte hai, lakin khayal rahe k is main b bhut sare frauds hain jin se main b guzar kar yahan tak phuncha hoo k apne khayalat app k sath share kar sakoon.

     To mere bhaiyo paid to click site's hain kia?
    paid to click sites advertisement sites hain jo mujhe or app ko ishtahar dhekne k paise deti hain. lakin woh bhit kam deti hai jaise k agr maine ek ishtahar dheka to mujhe us k .001 cents diye jain ge matlab k 1 us dollor k lia mujhe 1000 adds dhekne parenge.
   to is tarh yeh mujhe paise de gi par yeh bhut kam hai to app soch rahen honge k yeh humain paisy kyn den ge bhai kuch log apni products ko promote karne k lia in site's par apni web site ka add lagate hain jis ko yeh sites apne member ko dukhate hai jis ko 5 se 10 seconds tak app ne dhekna hai.or os k bad app k account main paise add kar diye jate hain.
 jaisa k maine bataya k is sites se earning bhut kam hoti hai par is ko bharhane ka b ek rasta hai,wo kia hai, woh yeh hai k app apne dosto ko is ki tafseel bataen k yeh sites kese kam karti hain kese hum in se earning kar sakte hain.

ab aate hain apne asal bat par k ap soch rahe hon ge k main kis web site ki bat kar raha hoon to bhai jan main clixsense ki bat kar raha hoo jo 2007 se kamm b kar rahi hai or logon ko paise b de rahi hai ab app soch rahe hon ge k yeh site kahin fraud to ni hai to mere bhai is ka jawab yeh hai k yeh site 100%  trusted hai or yrh sab ko pay b kar rahi hai to yeh hai is k bare main kuch tafseel jo mujhe pata hai. agar app b clixsense ko join karna chahte hain to app b mere referral  link se clixsense ko join kar sakte hain.
    referal link se join kis lia app karo ge? mere bhai yeh b ek sawal hoga ap k demag main to main batata chalon k jab b app ka koi dost ap k kehne se ap ki link ke zariye join hota hai to is ki kiye hove clicks se kuch hissa millta hai.phir app kaho ge k is se mera kia faida bhai jo banda app ko clixsense join karwata hai to wo b kissi k kehne pe yeh site join ki hogi or us ki earnings main se b us ko hissa millt hoga.
jab app mere ya apne kisse dost k kehne se kisi b ptc site ko join kar k kam start karte hain to ap k referral ki earnings se app ko kuch hissa milta hai. jaise k agr app mere link k zariye xlixsense ko join karo ge to app meri referral list main aa jao ge. or app ki kamae hovi raqam main se mujhe b kuch hissa mille ga or jin ko app log join kar wao ge to in logon ki earnings main se app ko b hissa mille ga.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Best Strategy to earn more with neobux

– Trust admin
– Instant pay
– over 3million members
– you can rent unlimited reference if you are unlimited membership
– the site ran over 6 years
– a lot of mini jobs to do for you to earn extra money
1. Join neobux if not already joined using the below link:
2. You get at least 20 ads worth $0.001 per click. Your daily earnings are $0.02. Keep checking you may have many ads in many times of the day. Sometimes people get 30 ads a day
3. Click every single day. Click for 2 months without fail. You should have $1.2 to $2 based on how many ads you are clicking daily.
4. Rent 3 referrals for $0.6. They start clicking for you. Come back every 5 days and recycle the one who stopped clicking from 3 days in a row.
5. Now with 3 referrals you should be able to earn $1.2 to $2 a month instead of 2 months.
6. Do not rent referrals again. Extend the 3 referrals for 240 more days and keep recycling as mentioned in step 4 above.
7. Now wait for another month to earn another $1.2 to $2. Rent 3 more referrals.
8. Follow the same process from step 3 to Step 7 above for one year. It takes one year for you to get 200 to 300 rented referrals with 240 days extention.
9. In a month you can upgrade to golden and continue doing the same.

Keep in mind without investing it takes whole of 6 years to earn some profit from neobux. If you are not going to trust it anymore then try investing a little and see the results and then decide.
Before going to actual part, let me tell you some do’s and dont’s that you need to keep in mind. Dont’s: 1. Don’t think you can earn millions in a day. I used to think this and used to fail every time. 2. Don’t invest in a hurry. This I learnt after losing $1500. 3. Patience is key. It may take years to earn but never give up if you are going in right path. 4. Take this as a part time job until you start earning millions of dollars from this. Don’t quit regular job until then.